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About Emily


Hello and welcome to Words of a Feather! My name is Emily Sinclair Montague (author E.M. Sinclair) and I’m a professional writer from Washington, D.C. 


In my freelance role, I love to write lead magnets, blogs, newsletter copy, and memoirs for my clients. I have experience in several industries, including Finance, Tech, Consulting, Non-Profits, and Publication Platforms (such as online magazines). I also manage the social media accounts and web copy for several businesses.


I am also the managing editor and a top writer for The Fem Word, a publication celebrating bold women in creative spaces. I work as the content editor and creator at Ms Media, a role I have occupied for several years now. Additionally I have a great follower community on my Medium page and write for an ever-increasing number of publications on that site (including The Startup, Better Marketing, & The Innovation, just to name a few). I have had my work published in Pulp Magazine, The Library of Congress (poetry), and others.


If you’d like to work with me, check out my services and contact pages, listed at the top of the site.


In my fiction author role, I write and and publish novels in the Dark Fantasy and Paranormal Romance Genres. I love crafting stories with complex, out-of-the-box characters and rich, nuanced worlds. So far I have published one complete trilogy, The Jewel Chronicles, which you can check out on my Books page. I am currently writing a seven-book paranormal romance series with a brand new premise, so keep an eye out for that! You can always sign up for my newsletter if you want to to get information about new releases, along with some fun, exclusive content.

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