Words of a Feather Freelance Writing Services

Let me blog for your business! With a background spanning multiple blog niches, I will work with you to craft engaging, SEO optimized blog content that informs, interests, and enhances your customer experience. 

Whether your sector is IT Contracting, Public Relations, Tax & Finance, or HR Consulting, my knowledge and know-how can expand your reach and establish you as one of the go-to experts in your field! 

Social Media Management

Develop a stronger, more engaging brand with my social media management services! I will use original and curated content to engage with influencers and contacts across your niche, driving traffic to your website and creating greater demand for the products and services you offer. 


I have experience with account design and management across multiple platforms, including LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and more.  

Ad Copywriting 

The ad landscape of today is dynamic and fast paced - let me be your guide!


Whether I am creating optimized social media ads or writing compelling advertorials, my goal is to craft effective content that aligns with your brand and boosts your revenue across any timeline.

Audio & Video Transcription

Take your campaigns from basic to inclusive with my easy, no-hassle transcription services!

My transcription services are a dependable way to create polished written articles from any of your audio & video files.

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