Words of a Feather Freelance Editing Services

Ebook Editing Services

Let my editing experience bring out the true potential of your work!

I specialize in the romance, fantasy, and genre fiction niches, as well as the self-help genre, including the relationship, mental health, and lifestyle subgenres.


I will work with you to line edit, content edit, and format your work to prepare it for self-publication on any platform - my services are thorough and free of headaches, making your experience as stress-free as possible.

Blog Editing Services

Take your personal or corporate blog and make it as compelling and competitive as it can be!


With so many sites occupying the blogosphere, the rule is quality over quantity for anyone looking to make an impact in their niche. 

I will polish and SEO optimize your content for maximum engagement and traffic, all while ensuring that your brand is consistent, relevant, and adaptive. 

Contact me to take your blog to the next level and open up a world of possibilities!

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